GBCD Interpreters

One of the goals of GBCD is to promote the improvement of interpreters to the deaf in church services throughout the state of Georgia.  Interpreters to the deaf should always be looking to improve their skills so that the most important message of all, the saving grace of Jesus Christ, is clearly communicated to the deaf.

Each year, GBCD provides workshops for interpreters to help improve their skills to provide the deaf community with accurate signed interpreted communications.  Most of the time, these workshops help you by providing CEU’s that are needed to keep the certified interpreters certificates updated.

GBCD, along with the Georgia Baptist Convention, sponsors at least two opportunities each year.  Once in the spring at Camp Kaleho and again in the fall at the annual GBCD Conference.  Check back often for updated information!

If you would like to be included in the interpreters email group, send us a request to the webmaster at