2011 ITP Workshop at Camp Kaleo!

Information about this spring’s ITP workshop!

March 11-12, 2011 – CAMP KALEO

The Georgia Baptist Conference of the Deaf ITP will offer one course for all interested interpreters and Deaf leaders at Camp Kaleo near Forsyth, Georgia, on Friday, March 11 and Saturday, March 12, 2011. The course will begin on Friday afternoon. All persons taking an ITP course are asked to arrive on Friday afternoon between 2:00-3:00 p.m. You will receive one (1) CEU for the full ten hours. Please be sure to bring your own linens, as Camp Kaleo does NOT provide them.

The course offered will be: “Interpreting Tools: Simplifying the Rules”. Participants in this Workshop will have interaction among each other and with the instruction’s guide on activities to further their knowledge in linguistics of ASL and awareness in Deaf Culture.

  • Handouts
  • Powerpoint Presentation
  • Drawing Board or Flip Chart
  • Evaluation Form at the end of the Conference

“Interpreting Tools: Simplifying the Rules” will be taught by Amy Peterson. Amy is currently the Communiaction Specialist at Bailey Deaf Unit at Greil Memorial Psychiatric Hospital in Montgomery, AL. She holds CDI and a provisional certification in ASLTA. She obtains her bachelor degree in Elementary Education with concentration in Deaf Education from Jacksonville State University. Currently, Amy is taking graduate classes to obtain a Masters in Education – Adult Learning. Amy is an Adjunct Instructor at Troy University for the Interpreter Training Program. She is teaching ASL and ASL Linguistics. She lives in Prattville, AL with her husband, Jimmy and 2 girls, Mary Ann and Elizabeth.

The class schedule is:

  • Friday afternoon – 2:00 – 9:00 p.m.
  • Saturday – 7:30 – 4:00 p.m.

The North American Mission Board is an Approved RID CMP Sponsor for Continuing Education Activities. This Professional program is offered for 1 CEU at the Intermediate Content Knowledge Level.

Important Notices:

**Please bring your own linens to Camp Kaleo**

Standard Registration is $75.00, which includes the Conference with Lodging at Camp Kaleo and all Meals.

Commuter Registration is $65.00, which includes the Conference and Meals only. This does NOT include lodging.

Please note: If you are planning at staying at a hotel off Camp Kaleo property,

Sorry…children cannot attend the classes. There is no childcare provided.

Refund/Cancellation Policy:

  1. A full refund will be issued for cancellations made 60 days before the ITP date.
  2. A 50% refund will be issued for 59-30 days before the ITP date.
  3. No refund will be issued for cancellations made less than 30 days before the ITP date.

If you have any questions regarding this ITP class this spring, please contact:

Misty Mathis at 770-936-5217, Video Phone 678-999-2766 or email mmathis@gabaptist.org


Register before March 1, 2011.

Click here for registration form!

For registration questions contact:

Map to Camp Kaleo

Provided by Intercultural Church Planting and Missions Ministries of the Georgia Baptist Convention

6405 Sugarloaf Parkway, Duluth, GA  30097-4092

Supported by The Cooperative Program, State Missions Offering and
Annie Armstrong Easter Offering

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Click here for this years ITP registration form!

Interpreters Training Program (ITP) for GBCD.

Each year, GBCD provides workshops for interpreters to help improve their skills to provide the deaf community with accurate signed interpreted communications.  Most of the time, these workshops help you by providing CEU’s that are needed to keep the certified interpreters certificates updated.

GBCD, along with the Georgia Baptist Convention, sponsors at least two opportunities each year.  Once in the spring at Camp Kaleho and again in the fall at the annual GBCD Conference.  Check back often for updated information!

If you would like to be included in the interpreters email group, send us a request to the webmaster at webmaster@gbcd.org

Click here for information on this years spring workshop!

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Kevin Clark Jr GBCD Speaker for 2010

My Testimony

Between ages 4 and 5, I had a spinal meningitis which caused me to lose my right hearing completely but my left hearing partly.  My parent got me out of the pubic school when they discovered that I didn’t do well and can’t hear the teachers.  So I attended North Carolina School For The Deaf in Morganton, NC.
My Uncle, Jesse Bowman who is hearing asked me to come to the church where he was ministering to the deaf at First Baptist Church in Granite Falls, NC.   I had no way of going to the church except my dad drove me there when he felt like it on Sunday morning.  I had no idea of what they did in church and why did we go there.  I loved the movies and ice cream that the church provided once a month for all deaf people to come for a short devotion which I didn’t know what it is at first.  My uncle sometimes explained and taught me who Jesus was but I didn’t understand fully.  The only thing that I kept in mind was for me to be a good person and to make my parent proud of me.  And I thought this what Jesus would wanted me to do.

There was one thing that dwelt on my mind when I saw a movie on TV which I don’t recall the name of it on Easter Sunday.  It was a man who did nothing wrong as I watched him being nailed upon the cross.  I woke up my dad while he was taking his nap after lunch at home asking him who was this man that died on the cross.  My dad woke slowly and said, “ Jesus”.  He went back to sleep ,again.

Years goes by as we are married and attended a church where we believed God wanted us there that had the deaf ministry.  In 1986, Rev. Bailey Smith was preaching at our church for a revival asking us this question at the end of the invitation , “ Do you know for sure where you will go when you die ?”  That night I finally understood who Jesus was and why He died on the cross after all the years that I was willing to teach Sunday School class and taught at the North Carolina School For The Deaf at the chapel every Wednesday night for the Bible study among the students.  So I reviewed my life back to the time I was teenager at the Mount Home Baptist church walked up the altar to knee down and prayed as I cried but I don’t remembered asking Jesus to forgive me of my sins and come into my life as my Savior and Lord.  That night at home , I decided to surrender my life over to Jesus asking him to forgive me of my sins and trust Him as my Savior and Lord over my life.  I was about 26 yrs old, the most happy day of my life, knowing for sure that if I died I would go to heaven being with Jesus.  And my wife , Deborah accepted Jesus that night, too.

“ Biography”
Debbie and I are graduates of NC School for the Deaf.  I am a student of Tri-State School of the Theology for the Deaf, seminary extension of Southern Seminary and working toward a Bachelor of Arts degree with Gardner-Webb University in North Carolina.

We teach a Bible study every Wednesday night to deaf students on the campus of North Carolina School for the Deaf.  I am the director of the deaf camp at Camp Caraway each year.  I also lead  international missions with the deaf people from North Carolina every year.  We had served as short term IMB Missionaries to the Deaf in South Africa (10 times), Puerto Rico (2 times), Russia (2 times), Guatemala (1 time), Quito, Ecuador (4 times),  Urkaine, Taipei,Taiwan (Deaf Olympic) and Honduras (11 times).  I worked a full time job as an advanced CNC machinist for almost 25 yrs at Sypris Techologies, Inc. I also work a part time job serving as a deaf evangelism events coordinator under the Baptist State Convention of NC. I had served as an associate pastor for three years to the deaf at First Baptist Morganton Deaf Mission in Morganton, NC.  April 30, 2007, I became a full time evangelist and I no longer work for Sypris Techologies,INC.

I received a Certificate of License from Pleasant Hill Baptist church in Morganton, North Carolina on January 24,1993. Then later on, I received a Certification of Ordination to be a full time evangelist from First Baptist Church in Morganton, North Carolina on May 4th, 2008.

“Call To Christian Ministry”
Back in 1986 after we surrendered our lives to Jesus Christ as our Savior and Lord, we begun to follow wherever He guided my life.  By the time , Tom Lineberger asked me to teach deaf Sunday School class on every other Sunday at Burkemont Baptist church where we were the member.  I was willing to do it.  I started writing lots of notes from the Bible as I studied and prepared.  I didn’t think I taught well at first.  But Tom Lineberger know what I could do since he had heard from the deaf people in the community that I could do drama.  He discussed with me and encouraged me to try the drama from the Bible.  He also suggested that I looked thru the Bible and find the story that I could do well at first.  I chose the first biblical drama was John 8:1-11.  I acted out the drama during the Sunday School class without looking at the notes.  I felt blessing to do this!  My wife, Debbie also could sign some songs into ASL (American Sign Language) for the deaf people to worship the Lord during the services.  She learned many songs as she worked with Marsha Lineberger changing them into ASL songs.  Many of the deaf in the Sunday School class learned and enjoyed the lessons thru drama and visual objects as I used the masks, costumes, wooden heart, mimes, many object lessons and pictures.  As years go by , the Lord increased all these things in our mind to use for us to share the Good News among and within the deaf communities and the “Lost People “ out in this world whom may get to know that Jesus Christ is the only way, truth and life for salvation.  This has been put on my heart that the Lord wants me to be evangelist.  I really enjoy this mission and I believe this is the call for me to be the evangelist.  Plus back in 1993 at Pleasant Hill Baptist church by Rev. Larry Cline, I was licensed to preach the Good News.

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2010 Lottie Moon Christmas

WEEK OF PRAYER: 90-year-old volunteer facilitates breakthrough among Deaf Czechs

EDITOR’S NOTE: Every penny given to the Lottie Moon Christmas Offering is used to support more than 5,000 Southern Baptist missionaries as they share the Gospel overseas. This year’s offering goal is $175 million. The 2010 emphasis is a celebration of what God has done in recent years, praising Him for allowing Southern Baptists to be a part of His work. Are we there yet? Not yet, but reaching those who remain untouched by the Gospel is a doable task. They will be the hardest to reach, requiring that we pray, go, partner and give as never before. The 2010 Week of Prayer for International Missions is Nov. 28-Dec. 5.

By Don Graham

PRAGUE (BP) — Never underestimate the difference one person can make.

Mark and Vesta Sauter came to the Czech Republic to start churches among the nation’s 50,000 Deaf. But the missionaries weren’t seeing a lot of interest until God brought them an unlikely volunteer — 90-year-old Lillian Beard.

Lillian was a pioneer for Deaf work among Southern Baptists and a life-long mentor to Vesta. The women shared a common bond; as hearing children of Deaf parents, both learned sign as their first language.

Despite protests from friends, Lillian was determined to go to the Czech Republic to help the Sauters, even if it killed her. Vesta arranged for Lillian to speak at a Deaf community center in Prague, where her testimony touched a particularly hard-hearted Deaf Czech named Anna Smolkova.

Anna was the matriarch of a large Deaf family that was well-connected within Deaf Czech circles. Vesta knew that her conversion could catalyze the Sauters’ efforts to plant the country’s first Deaf church, but so far Anna had been very resistant — even hostile — to the Gospel.

“She said, ‘I want to make very clear to you that I don’t want anyone in my family to follow this Jesus,’” Vesta remembers. “She was just a bitter, angry woman.”

But Anna had never met someone like Lillian.

“The Deaf people [in the community center] were shocked [that a 90-year-old had come from the U.S. to speak to them],” Anna says. “I was amazed at how beautiful [her countenance] was, how she radiated. Something touched me inside about her, and I went and I knelt down before her and said, ‘What is it? Why are you so beautiful? Why do you radiate?’ And she signed to me, ‘It’s the love of Jesus.’ That struck a chord in my heart and a conviction, and I couldn’t run from it.”

Anna gave her life to Christ and quickly became the Sauters’ church-planting partner. God used her influence to lead dozens of Deaf to Christ, including many of her own family. What’s more, there are now six Deaf churches scattered across the Czech Republic as a direct result of Anna’s efforts — and Lillian’s obedience to God’s call.

The Sauters also credit much of the success to Southern Baptists’ commitment to pray when their ministry was a focus for the 2001 Week of Prayer.

“If every Deaf believer in the Czech Republic could stand before you today, their first words would be ‘Thank you, Southern Baptists,’ for making possible the spreading of the Gospel through their families and their communities,” Vesta says. “Today, we have Deaf-led churches because Southern Baptists gave, because they prayed, and because they even came as volunteers.”

Today, 10 years after Lillian’s visit, Anna continues to share Christ among Deaf Czechs and speaks fondly of her American friend who led her to Jesus. Lillian died in June of 2010 at the age of 101. She was an active advocate for the Deaf and for her Savior. God has since broadened the scope of the Sauters’ work — they now lead IMB’s global efforts to reach the Deaf.


Don Graham is a writer for the International Mission Board.

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2011 Conference Information

The GBCD Conference for 2011 will be held at the Georgia Baptist Conference Center in Norman Park Georgia on September 16th through the 18th.  Keep watching for updates on this website, or subscribe to the GCBD News mail list for up to date information.

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How to Share the Gospel

[jwplayer config=”720x480” file="http://dm.arbc.org/wp-content/videos/HowToShareTheGospel.flv" download_file="http://dm.arbc.org/wp-content/videos/HowToShareTheGospel.flv"]

Presented by Cliff Tolosa during the 2010 SBCD Conference at Lancaster Bible College in Lancaster PA.

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What Happened at GBCD 2010?

Here is a video montage of what happened at GBCD in 2010! Want to join in the fun? Keep watching for information on the 2011 GBCD Conference to be held in Norman Park next September!

[stream base=x:/www.gbcd.org/wp-content/videos/ flv=GBCD2010.flv share=true width=480 height=270 dock=true controlbar=over skin=imeo.swf bandwidth=med autostart=false /]

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One Verse

One Verse

[stream base=x:/www.gbcd.org/wp-content/videos/ flv=OneVerse.flv share=true width=480 height=270 dock=true controlbar=over skin=imeo.swf bandwidth=med autostart=false /]

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GBCD Kidz 2010 Presentation

GBCD Kidz Presentation – Sunday September 19, 2010 GBCD

[stream base=x:/www.gbcd.org/wp-content/videos/ flv=20100919GBCDKidz.flv share=true width=480 height=270 dock=true controlbar=over skin=imeo.swf bandwidth=med autostart=false /]

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Bill Atwell – GBCD Speaker for 2010

Friday September 17, 2010 GBCD

Saturday September 18, 2010 GBCD

Sunday September 19, 2010 GBCD

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