ITP Training Program at SBCD!

Greetings to you Southern Baptist interpreters…
from your North American Mission Board, Interpreter Training Program Board,  star
In just 6 weeks, you will be able to take one of the wonderful North American Mission Board’s ITP courses in Lancaster, Pennsylvania!¬† No matter what skill level you think you’re at, either one of these courses will benefit the ministry to Deaf people in your church.¬† Just open the attachment, and you will find the course descriptions, the bios of the teachers, and a registration form.
Also, if you would like to apply to voice interpret one class, or sign interpret the other, there is a way to apply to do that, too, and earn some money so you can stay for the week of the annual meeting of the Southern Baptist Conference of the Deaf.
Oh, please send in your registration form¬†TODAY, so we can make sure there is room for you in the class.¬† Why not forward this email to a friend, or co-interpreter, too?¬† The courses are open to everyone of any denomination or religion.¬† If you are a member of the Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf, you will probably want to sign up to receive Continuing Education Units for the course.¬† If you don’t need or want CEU’s, you will receive a bit of a discount when you register.
Would you like to learn more about the NAMB ITP?  Just contact Debbie McCutchen at the North American Mission Board (, and ask her to send you a brochure.
Blessings from your ITP board,
Joni Bice – Midwest Region
Tammy Cantrell – Pacific Basin Region
Barb Coffan – Northwest Region (
Mary High – East Coast Region
Hetty Otto – Southeast Region
Allison Randolph – Southwest Region
Ina Faye Price – North Central RegionIMB Deaf Affinity – State Partneship Meeting

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