2013 Conference Workshop – Reading Between the Signs (.5 CEU’s will be offered)

Reading Between The Signs (.5 CEUs will be offered)

Based on two books, “Reading Between The Signs” and  “A Beginner’s Guide to Crossing Cultures”, this workshop will explore the difference in the American Hearing Culture and the Deaf Culture Can these differences impact the way we interpret or approach a Deaf person, A Deaf Client, or a Deaf Ministry?  The Deaf Population is now multi-cultural, so that also plays a role in how the interpreter presents the information between the Deaf person and the Hearing person.

Here are a couple of reviews on the books:

Reading Between the Signs

“Reading Between the Signs” – “So far I’ve loved it. It’s not only about Deaf culture and its effects on the Interpreting business, but also culture in general and its effects on communication. I would highly recommend it.”




“A Beginner’s Guide to Crossing Cultures” – “An insightful work regarding understanding cultures for people new to the field.  It leans heavily on 25 years of experience among Texas Baptists in working with a wide variety of ethnic churches in their state.”




This will be a full day workshop on Saturday, 8:45AM – 10:45AM and continuing at 1:00PM – 3:00PM

Jerry Baker

Led by Jerry Baker,
State Missionary
Intercultural Church Planting and Missions Ministries
Georgia Baptist Convention


NAMB is an approved RID CMP approved Sponsor for Continuing Education Activities. This Workshop for Interpreters, Deaf Leadership , and Pastors is offered for .5 CEUs at the advanced beginner – advanced Content Knowledge Level.




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