2013 Conference Workshop – Deaf Bible.is – Reaching the Deaf Community Through God’s Word

Deaf Bible.is: Reaching the Deaf Community Through God’s Word

Jonathan Ray Bucklew

J.R Bucklew

Deaf Bible.is™ ASL was designed specifically for users whose primary language is American Sign Language. Distributing Sign Language Bibles via the smart phone/tablet venue. .  The best way to see, read, and share the Bible like never before.

J.R Bucklew will give a demonstration of this application.  He will discuss ways you can use this in Deaf Worship, Deaf Sunday School, In Home Bible Studies and much more.  Come learn about his exciting new tool designed specifically for the Deaf Community.

This workshop will be offered two times on Saturday and one time on Sunday Morning.

J.R.  (Jonathan Ray) Bucklew being a CODA (Child of Deaf Adults) was born in Haughton, La, and growing up in a deaf home, as the first born child, Sign Language was his first language.

He has done mission work among the Deaf in Ethiopia. In 2011, while in Ethiopia, he met and married Feven Zegeye Haberufael,

In January 2012 J.R. and Feven felt God’s call to join in the ministry, “Faith Comes By Hearing” (Audio Bible) They would direct the Deaf bible.is Sign Language Bible Platform project for Faith comes By Hearing.

Working with Sign Language Bible translators around the world and developing methods of delivery of these

recordings they have been a part of distributing Sign Language Bibles via the sma

rt phone/tablet venue. Since November 1, 2012 through March 2013 they have seen over 40,000 downloads of the Deaf Bible.is App. Soon to ingest 9 indigenous Sign Language recordings along with Children’s Bible Stories in ASL.

Workshop schedule will be posted soon.  Keep watching us on Facebook and here on our site for updates!

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