Access Worship

¬† ¬†How are y’all? I hope you all are doing well. I wanted to send you the information about June 15th. I’ve included the link to everything you need to know about Access.
Access is about bring a generation together and making them aware of 35.5 million deaf in the world who do not know nor ever heard about Jesus. Access is a place for the young and old. An experience where we will worship and pray to God. It will truly be a night to remember.
So please spread the word about Access Worship Night. Instead of just coming for the day, you can come for the weekend. We will have childcare during the worship service. ¬†Some thing your church, family or friends can do are go to the mall, Wild Adventure (It’s like Six Flag and White Water), ¬†tour Valdosta State University and etc. We will have dinner before the worship if want to join. We will be sending more information soon.
Please make plans to come June 15th or stay for the weekend even better. It is our hope we will get access to more Deaf in the area. Bring your church and etc. We are working with a hotel for a special discount for the weekend.
Promo Video:
Website Information:
Please be patience, we are still adding more information to the website.
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