Amazing Accomplishment!

Amazing Accomplishment!

The pictures brought tears of joy and thanksgiving to my eyes.

What is this “amazing accomplishment?”

Next month, Deaf in 5 African countries will receive a portion of Scripture in their heart language, sign language, for the very FIRST time!

  • Burundi Sign Language
  • Ethiopia Sign Language
  • Ghana Sign Language
  • Uganda Sign Language
  • Tanzania Sign Language

1,000 ‘Know God How?’ DVD story sets will be distributed in each country.

Yes, that is a total of 5,000!

32 carefully selected Bible stories from creation to the establishment of the church.


1,000s of Deaf will soon SEE God’s Word and understand.

Click on the link below and watch with wonder and amazement what our God HAS done and IS doing! You, too, might experience tears of joy and thanksgiving.

Want to know what is even MORE amazing?

  • The DOOR ‘Follow God How?’ series is also ready for distribution in both KENYAN Sign Language and KERALA -INDIAN Sign Language (77 Bible story sets)!
  • Also available in KENYAN and KERALA-INDIAN Sign Language, are 45 “Deeps” (sign language Bible commentary) that assist the translation teams in biblical explanations, historical information, and other helpful insights related to the ‘Follow God How?’ Bible passages.

Thank God, as we know He will complete the GOOD WORK he has begun through DOOR

PRAY with us as the DOOR team starts a new fiscal year with new goals … bringing God’s Word and Christian fellowship to the Deaf of the world.

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