Missionary to deaf shows how LMCO dollars impact ministry


Amy Dixon talks with her hands. As a missionary to the deaf in Moscow, Russia, it’s an occupational necessity. Your Lottie Moon Christmas Offering gifts cover a variety of Amy’s expenses, including her transportation, food and any medical attention she may need. The Lottie Moon offering also provides her with a place to live. In Moscow, apartment rent can run about $2,000 a month.

Throughout the year, the Lottie Moon Christmas Offering provides encouragement. Despite Moscow’s sheer size and days that are often cold and gray, Amy is thankful that she doesn’t have to work an extra job just to make ends meet. The offering lets her devote all her time to ministry. And there’s plenty of it to do.

One such ministry is the OneStory project. The goal of this ambitious project, Amy explains, is to translate the Bible into sign language so deaf people can “see the Gospel.” Another uses texting on cell phones as a way to do Bible storying (sharing Bible stories in chronological order). As a deaf person herself, Amy is committed to the task.

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